ICOMOS is an NGO which among other things, aims at the preservation of historic monuments and sites worldwide. It 'was founded in 1965 following the adoption of the Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites in Venice in 1964.

Contact UNESCO, plays an important role in the conservation and restoration of monuments. ICOMOS activities are governed by statutes adopted under the 1978 General Assembly in Moscow.

In accordance with the Charter of the International organisation, the principal aims of ICOMOS (Malta) is to assist in the investigation, preservation and enhancement of the values of cultural heritage: cultural monuments, historic areas, towns and site, as well as the wise use and promotion of heritage. ICOMOS also aims to encourage the adoption of international conventions, to bring together highly qualified professionals in the service organization's work, finally, nationally and internationally to creation of centres specialising in conservation management.

To achieve these objectives, ICOMOS, through the establishment of national committees, seeks to disseminate the contents of the Charter of Venice. As director of UNESCO, plays a crucial role in the identification of cultural property to be included on the List of World Heritage. Members of both the individual and the organization are divided into institutional and affiliates and benefactors. The administrative structure includes as all NGOs, a general assembly, an executive committee, an advisory committee and an international secretary.

The ICOMOS International headquarters is in Paris.

ICOMOS, acronym of International Council on Monuments and Sites, is an international non-governmental organisation of heritage professionals engaged in the conservation of places of cultural value and dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. ICOMOS was founded in 1965 following the adoption of the International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites generally referred to as The Venice Charter (1964).

Through its 110 national committees worldwide and its 28 specialised scientific committees, ICOMOS provides a forum for professional dialogue.

ICOMOS is the official advisor to UNESCO on matters related to cultural World Heritage Sites.

'ICOMOS − the International Council on Monuments and Sites − is the international non-governmental organization of professionals, practitioners, institutions, and other bodies committed to and supporting the conservation/preservation of the cultural heritage of all peoples. ICOMOS' primary objective is the conservation/preservation of monuments, groups of buildings and sites. Through its membership and the exchange of information and expertise, ICOMOS forms an international network that defines, improves, promotes conservation / preservation principles, standards, research, responsible practice and innovation.' (Stockholm 1998)